About us

Argelich Networks is an international and independent consulting and engineering boutique specialized in advising companies and governments in how to enjoy and deploy the most advanced solutions in information and telecommunications technologies.
The company was established at the end of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, in October 1992.

We bring over 25 years of experience developing innovative technological infrastructure projects and corporate communications solutions for voice, data, video and remote for medium and large public and private organizations.

Our projects stand out not only for their high technological level, always applying the latest solutions and available tools, but especially for their ability to improve efficiency in the business process and for many organizations.

We help companies maximize profit both in bandwidth telecom networks and in applications of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC2) and Communications-based process automation.

Our objective is that the customer profit from our services; we build relationships of maximum confidence, bringing the best quality, knowledge and experience. We work closely and jointly with our customers to achieve the objectives proposed, with expectations of constant future collaboration.

We build multinational and multidisciplinary teams, customized for each project with the participation of consultants and senior and junior analysts, both Spanish and foreign.

Argelich Networks has a wide and prestigious network of multidisciplinary and multicultural collaborators and global partners with which it shares quality standards and a manual of best practices, outlined in the code of ethics of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International 

List of our most significant international partners.

We believe in the network and in collaboration. We work on network.

“We always enjoy working with the Argelich team!”
Ernie Holling
President and Chief Strategist
InTech Group

Company culture

For 20 years we have developed a clear and differential company culture built from the following standards

  • Independence: We work with full independence, always applying our expert know-how and understanding and avoiding any conflicts of interest with other actors in the market such as manufacturers, installers or operators of telecommunications. We only receive financial compensation from our customers.
  • International: We provide services wherever our customers need them without any geographical limit, save for locations of unrest or violence for justified purposes of company safety and security. Our working languages are English, Spanish and Catalan.
  • Intelligence: We are convinced that the success of a project begins in its conception; we consider the initial analysis, definition of objectives, design, and examination of alternatives and proposals to be critical moments in the development of a project. We like thinking, analyzing each problem and finding the best, most innovative solutions that better facilitate the relationship between cost-benefits and greater performance.
  • Collaboration and multidisciplinary and multicultural cooperation: Networking. We believe that different points of view, from different cultures and specialization areas, enrich the projects and allow us to achieve better results. We depart from less innovative approaches by keeping an open mind, looking for new solutions according to the new technological tools. As we are aware that every project has its own characteristics and that we don’t always have the specific knowledge necessary for each, we incorporate in each project the specialists needed from our wide network of partners.
  • Long-term relationships: We establish with our customers long-term relationships based on confidence and mutual benefit. We like walking and growing beside our customers. We promote continuous improvement and we like establishing reciprocity. We accompany our customers for the entire lifetimes of the systems that we design and employ together and when the appropriate time arrives, we suggest that they be renewed.
  • As a consulting boutique, we tailor our work; we adapt our services to the needs of our customers. We don’t sell packed products.

You can visit the personal blog of our president Agustín Argelich in which he further develops these and other related values and concepts that build the culture and the spirit of our company.


Consultants Liaison Programs

At Argelich Networks, without leaving aside our independence, we keep fluent and regular relations and professional contacts with the main manufacturers of ICT technology worldwide. We are affiliated with the programs of consultant relations (Consultants Liaison Programs) of the most important companies like Cisco, Unify, Genesys lab, NEC  Mitel, etc..


Belonging to these programs allows us, on one hand, to always be informed of the most recent developments and trends, and on the other hand, to have direct contact with the departments of engineering and support that allow us to apply the most innovative solutions in our projects and to solve quickly any incidents of high complexity that appear during the development of these projects