Our team

Agustín Argelich Casals


President, founder and principal consultant
Agustín is an Engineering in Telecommunications graduate of La Salle Bonanova of Barcelona, Universitat Ramón Llull. President and Principal Consultant of Argelich Networks, Agustín founded the company in September of 1992 after finalizing his collaboration with the organization committee of the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992 and has more than 25 years of experience in consulting and directing IT projects. Agustín is a recognized thinker and an international speaker about leadership, motivation and management of the change related with the ICT technologies. Agustín is a member of the board of directors of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants (STC)and responsible for the international relationships committee. His conferences and articles are available on his personal page www.agustinargelich.com. Agustín is an active member of the Civil Society. You can see his CV on his linkedin page; his profile is among the 1% of the most visited at the worldwide level.



Anabel García


Cost Management Dept.
Anabel is a senior analyst and costs manager in telecommunications at Argelich Networks. She joined the company 14 years ago. She brings wide experience in managing costs of communications, fixed and mobile, of voice and data for big national and multinational companies. Anabel is an expert in the management of day-to-day work, in claims handling and in the detection of errors in invoices.



Jessica Vázquez


Cost Management Dept.
Jessica joined Argelich Networks 4 years ago as an analyst of costs in telecommunications, especially in European markets such as those in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Portugal, etc. Jessica combines her work with studies of Labour Relations at the University of Barcelona.


Mateo Argelich


Junior Consultant
Mateo is a student of Economics at the University of Barcelona and collaborates with Argelich Networks as an analyst of costs in telecommunications. Mateo works especially with the United Kingdom market.