Argelich at web summit – The largest tech conference in the world



Argelich Network at webSummit 2017

Argelich Networks (ANMS), according  with its commitment to innovation and internationalization, actively participates in the next edition of Websummit, the largest technology and innovation fair, to be held in Lisbon from 6 to 9 November, 2017

ANMS will be part of the Spanish delegation organized by the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX)

The objective of the participation is to present the 3 digital startups that Argelich is mentoring. ANMS is raising funds and searching strategic partners for them

Two of the projects are in the field of telemedicine (e-health) and personalized medicine. Both companies are developing remote monitoring solutions for patients suffering chronic diseases.

These projects have a great future. The challenges the health systems are facing, with always limited resources, can only be overcome with technology and solutions like the developed by  as these two projects.

The business model designed, “pay per use”, predicts a great return for investors.

  1. Lucy Tech: Glaucoma’s patient remote monitoring platform.
  2. VidaApp: platform to remote monitor patients with cardio-respiratory diseases.

The third project Universal Ethernet Telecommunications Services (UETS), with patents granted in the United States and Europe, develops a telecommunications protocol to implement intrinsically secure networks using standard hardware. UETS will be able to replace  the super-famous but insecure TCP/IP protocol. It is a solution to the challenges of cybersecurity. This new protocol is suite for IoT, Internet of the things applications.

If you would like to participate in these projects, please contact us at or call (+34) 610 59 50 50