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Argelich Networks is an international and independent consulting and engineering boutique specialized in advising companies and governments in how to enjoy and deploy the most advanced solutions in information technologies and telecommunications.

The company was established at the end of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, in October 1992.

We bring over 20 years of experience developing innovative technological infrastructure projects and corporate communications solutions for voice, data, video and remote for medium and large public and private organizations.

Our projects stand out not only for their high technological level, always applying the latest solutions and available tools, but especially for their ability to improve efficiency in the business process and for many organizations.

We help companies maximize profit both in bandwidth telecom networks and in applications of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC2) and Communications-based process automation.

Our objective is that the customer profit from our services; we build relationships of maximum confidence, bringing the best quality, knowledge and experience. We work closely and jointly with our customers to achieve the objectives proposed, with expectations of constant future collaboration.

We build multinational and multidisciplinary teams, customized for each project with the participation of consultants and senior and junior analysts, both Spanish and foreign. As members of prestigious international associations such as the Society of Telecommunications Consultants and Top Ten Business Experts, we have built a powerful multidisciplinary network of worldwide collaborations

We believe in the network and in collaboration. We work on network.

“We always enjoy working with the Argelich team!!”
Ernie Holling
President and Chief Strategist
InTech Group


Our team

Agustín Argelich Casals

President, founder and principal consultant
Agustín is an Engineering in Telecommunications graduate of La Salle Bonanova of Barcelona, Universitat Ramón Llull. President and Principal Consultant of Argelich Networks, Agustín founded the company in September of 1992 after finalizing his collaboration with the organization committee of the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992 and has more than 25 years of experience in consulting and directing IT projects. Agustín is a recognized thinker and an international speaker about leadership, motivation and management of the change related with the ICT technologies. Agustín is a member of the board of directors of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants (STC) and responsible for the international relationships committee. His conferences and articles are available on his personal page www.agustinargelich.com. Agustín is an active member of the Civil Society. You can see his CV on his linkedin page; his profile is among the 1% of the most visited at the worldwide level.



Anabel García


Cost Management Dept.
Anabel is a senior analyst and costs manager in telecommunications at Argelich Networks. She joined the company 14 years ago. She brings wide experience in managing costs of communications, fixed and mobile, of voice and data for big national and multinational companies. Anabel is an expert in the management of day-to-day work, in claims handling and in the detection of errors in invoices.



Jessica Vázquez


Cost Management Dept.
Jessica joined Argelich Networks 4 years ago as an analyst of costs in telecommunications, especially in European markets such as those in Switzerland, Czech Republic, Portugal, etc. Jessica combines her work with studies of Labour Relations at the University of Barcelona.


Mateo Argelich


Junior Consultant
Mateo is a student of Economics at the University of Barcelona and collaborates with Argelich Networks as an analyst of costs in telecommunications. Mateo works especially with the United Kingdom market.


International Partners and Collaborators

Argelich Networks has a wide and prestigious network of collaborators and global partners with which it shares quality standards and a manual of best practices, outlined in the code of ethics of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants.



  BBW Consultants – London, UK
Craig Robinson

Craig is the Lead Consultant at BBW working on a range of projects for medium to large clients. His specialties are Voice and Data communications consultancy including LAN, WAN, VoIP, Contact Centre and UC.


BBW is a truly independent communications consultancy and support company. They offer truly independent advice and support to their clients. Learn more>>>

Macom Sarl–  Paris/Beirut/Dubai
Georges Mokhbat

Georges is an experienced Business Transformation and Management Consultant, with over 30 years’ experience gained throughout Europe, the USA and the Middle East across multiple industry sectors.

IP Network Consulting–  New York/Seattle, US
Ken Krupp

Ken Krupp (Lead Consultant/Project Manager) has over 25 years of experience in global telecommunications working with clients in all areas of IT/Telecommunications.

Dennis Goodhart

Dennis Goodhart is the Principal and founder of IP Network Consulting. As an Executive consultant Dennis is adept in devising and delivering innovative workable cost effective state-of- the-art solutions.


IP Network Consulting provides unique insights and independent analyses to the challenges businesses face in finding, securing, implementing, and managing IP Technology. Learn more>>>

Eddington Consulting– Toronto, Canada
Jeanne & Jon Eddington

EDDINGTON Consulting is an established telecommunications consulting company offering technology and business strategy solutions to school boards, colleges and universities, hospitals, municipalities, non-profit organizations and private sector companies. Learn more>>>

Intech group– Philadelphia, US
Ernie & Erik Holling

InTech is an independent global communications consultancy offering managed services enhanced by 25 years of consulting experience. They provide end-to-end custom technology solutions and expert management for clients worldwide. Learn more>>>

Teleplus Consulting– Minneapolis, US
David Steen

Since 1984, Teleplus Consulting have helped hundreds of companies save hundreds of millions of dollars in telecom costs. They’ve also helped hundreds of executives achieve their budget objectives, increase ROI, and enhance their position in their companies. Learn more>>>

The Battles Group– Maryland, US
Byron W. Battles

Mr. Battles has 30 years of industry experience in direct end user voice telecommunications evaluation, technical and project consulting, and applied market and subject research.


The Battles Group (TBG) believes that voice and data technologies are the infrastructure on which an organization prospers or stagnates.  As voice and data applications come together, TBG develops viable, real world solutions along the “convergence continuum,” solutions that allow their clients to achieve their overall business, not just technical, objectives. Learn more>>>

Swartz Consulting, LLC– Kansas, US
Melissa Swartz

Swartz Consulting, LLC provides a broad range of Information & Communications Technologies consulting services to enterprise organizations of all types and sizes. Their team has extensive industry experience, and the expertise to provide their clients with superior analysis and thorough solutions. Learn more>>>

Marlboro Park Consulting Group, LLC – New Jersey, US
David Grill
The Marlboro Park Consulting Group provides customized solutions for all telecommunications needs. They are a partnership of experienced telecom professionals who supplement and support the companies’ staff to make their telecom infrastructure as efficient and affordable as possible. They are not affiliated with vendors of products or services and are totally vendor agnostic. Learn more>>>



En Argelich Networks, creemos de verdad en la Sociedad Civil y participamos activamente en la misma como miembros activos de distintas asociaciones nacionales e internacionales:……………………

SCTC_logo_c2 Society of Telecommunications Consultants
La STC (Society of Telecommunications Consultants, Inc.) es una organización internacional independiente de profesionales de tecnologías de la información y la telecomunicación, que ayudan a clientes de todos los sectores en todo el mundo.
  TopTen Business Experts
TopTen es una innovadora Plataforma de Expertos referentes en España y Latinoamérica que generan opinión, pensamiento y marcan tendencias en el ámbito empresarial. Un espacio único donde el valor se mide por las personas que lo integran y por la extraordinaria aportación de su conocimiento y experiencia.
AmChamSpain es la Cámara de Comercio de EE.UU. en España. Se trata de una institución apolítica sin ánimo de lucro al servicio de las empresas españolas y estadounidenses, desde su fundación en 1917.
  Círculo de Economía
Si bien el núcleo básico de sus fundadores está formado por empresarios, el Círculo no es una organización empresarial, dado que también integra a profesionales y economistas, del mundo de la empresa o de la Universidad, y a técnicos de la Administración.
  Cercle per al Coneixement
El CperC una comisión de la Sociedad Económica Barcelonesa de Amigos del País (SEBAP), que tiene como objetivo promover el debate y hacer propuestas en torno a la aplicación transversal de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones (TIC) en los sectores productivos, como también fomentar la investigación y la innovación con el fin de impulsar Cataluña hacia posiciones líderes de la economía del conocimiento.
El COETTC es el Colegio de Ingenieros Técnicos i Peritos de Telecomunicación de Cataluña (Col·legi d’Enginyers Tècnics i Pèrits de Telecomunicació de Catalunya).
El COITT es el Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Técnicos de Telecomunicación.
  IEEE España
El IEEE es una asociación técnico-profesional internacional, sin ánimo de lucro, con cerca de 400.000 miembros y voluntarios en 160 países. IEEE son las siglas de Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. IEEE es la mayor asociación internacional sin ánimo de lucro formada por científicos y profesionales de la tecnología, entre otros, ingenieros eléctricos, ingenieros en electrónica, científicos de la computación, ingenieros en informática o ingenieros en telecomunicación.
El Círculo Tecnológico de Cataluña (Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya) nace con la voluntad de trabajar por la sociedad civil catalana, para fomentar y espolear, conjuntamente con las empresas y la administración, la consolidación de la Tecnología y el servicio a las personas que lo emplean.
La Compañía de las Obras es una compañía de personas que, viviendo las circunstancias cotidianas, construyen y trabajan en la sociedad.


Consultants Liaison Programs

At Argelich Networks, without leaving aside our independence, we keep fluent and regular relations and professional contacts with the main manufacturers of ICT technology worldwide. We are affiliated with the programs of consultant relations (Consultants Liaison Programs) of the most important companies.

Belonging to these programs allows us, on one hand, to always be informed of the most recent developments and trends, and on the other hand, to have direct contact with the departments of engineering and support that allow us to apply the most innovative solutions in our projects and to solve quickly any incidents of high complexity that appear during the development of these projects. Other members of these Consultants Liaison Programs are:

  • Cisco
  • Interactive Intelligence
  • Siemens
  • Plantronics
  • Shortel
  • NEC
  • Mitel


Company culture

For 20 years we have developed a clear and differential company culture built from the following standards:

  • Independence: We work with full independence, always applying our expert know-how and understanding and avoiding any conflicts of interest with other actors in the market such as manufacturers, installers or operators of telecommunications. We only receive financial compensation from our customers.
  • International: We provide services wherever our customers need them without any geographical limit, save for locations of unrest or violence for justified purposes of company safety and security. Our working languages are English, Spanish and Catalan.
  • Intelligence: We are convinced that the success of a project begins in its conception; we consider the initial analysis, definition of objectives, design, and examination of alternatives and proposals to be critical moments in the development of a project. We like thinking, analyzing each problem and finding the best, most innovative solutions that better facilitate the relationship between cost-benefits and greater performance.
  • Collaboration and multidisciplinary and multicultural cooperation: Networking. We believe that different points of view, from different cultures and specialization areas, enrich the projects and allow us to achieve better results. We depart from less innovative approaches by keeping an open mind, looking for new solutions according to the new technological tools. As we are aware that every project has its own characteristics and that we don’t always have the specific knowledge necessary for each, we incorporate in each project the specialists needed from our wide network of partners.
  • Long-term relationships: We establish with our customers long-term relationships based on confidence and mutual benefit. We like walking and growing beside our customers. We promote continuous improvement and we like establishing reciprocity. We accompany our customers for the entire lifetimes of the systems that we design and employ together and when the appropriate time arrives, we suggest that they be renewed.
  • As a consulting boutique, we tailor our work; we adapt our services to the needs of our customers. We don’t sell packed products.

You can visit the personal blog of our president Agustín Argelich in which he further develops these and other related values and concepts that build the culture and the spirit of our company.