Agustín Argelich representative of Intelligent Community Forum

image2635942621393902348During his visit to Barcelona, Mr. John G. Jung, Chairman & Co-Founder of Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), for the Mobile World Congress and its participation in the VI Barcelona Telecoms Day, a collaboration agreement was signed, whereby Agustín Argelich will represent ICF in Spain, other European countries and Latin America.

ICF is a global network of cities and regions, a non-profit organization for social policy research and modernization, geared to job creation and economic development, within the framework of a broadband economy. This focus group focuses on the economic effects of good practices on the use of community-based communications broadband and also promotes an annual distinction for outstanding intelligent communities, named Intelligent Community Awards.

ICF is headquartered in New York (USA) and subsidiaries in Toronto (Canada) and Taipei (Taiwan).

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Article by John G. Jung:  Learning from Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (2017)

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