Agustín Argelich speaker at the OLYMPIC LEGACY SEMINAR

Last Thursday, May 10, the Olympic Legacy Seminar took place in Barcelona, an event that celebrates both the success of the Barcelona Olympic Games and the coming London Games in the spirit of the Olympic legacy. As he was the Telecommunications and electronics director in the IX Paralympics ’92, Agustín Argelich, director of Argelich Networks, shared his experience by comparing the technological infrastructure with the nervous system of the Games.

The UK Trade & Investment organized this event in the Barcelona Activa  building, the same day the Olympic torch was lit twenty years ago. Notable figures such as the Barcelona mayor, Xavier Trias; Sir Robin Wales, mayor of the London Borough of Newham; and Armando Calvo, Chief Operating Officer of the Organizing Committee of Barcelona ’92 were present. The speakers emphasized the Olympic legacy, something that many people have associated with Barcelona in reference to its innovative vision for the Games. Different areas of the Barcelona and London Olympics, such as the architecture and the sustainability, were also discussed. Agustín Argelich described the world of telecommunications as something that, despite its invisibility, is absolutely necessary. He also referred to the major technological developments that have occurred since the ’92 Olympics, using as an example the fact that reliable communication was achieved through Walkie Talkies, rather than mobile phones.