Agustín Argelich speaker at the STC Fall Conference 2012

The American association of telecom consultants, STC, celebrates each year a conference that features industry leaders’ presentations on emerging technologies, client applications and practice management. Mr. Argelich, board member of this association, will give a speech next October in Baltimore, Maryland (USA), presenting a true story about an international UC2 platform deployment.


Speech summary:


Multinational corporate network deployment is a great business opportunity for independent consultants. The companies’ headquarters need to establish the same telecom strategy and networks to all their subsidiaries. To reduce costs and build synergy between subsidiaries, collaboration tools are mandatory.  A unique UC2 platform is the solution to improve internal communication and collaboration.


How does one convince a multinational enterprise to deploy a global UC2 solution? How can we help them select the right partner, vendor or system integrator? How can you work with local and global players at the same time?


Conference Brochure.

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