Argelich Networks supporting paralyimpic sport

Argelich Networks sponsors the participation of the paralympic triathlete Dani Nafría in the World Final in London

ARGELICH Networks has decided to sponsor the participation of the Catalan paralympic triathlete Dani Nafría in the World Paralympic Triathlon of London which takes part this month of September.

Dani Nafría at the Wild Wolf Triathlon Series last August, where he debuted in the olympic distance.

In the words of Agustín Argelich, president and principal consultant of Argelich Networks, “We have decided to help Dani in the challenge in which he has chosen to participate by his own means—the world championship—because we share with him the values of overcoming [obstacles], willpower, and perseverance, and because it allows us to recall the foundation of our company at the end of the IX Paralympics of Barcelona’92, where I worked as Director of Technology. Furthermore it shocks us that he doesn’t have any public help. We are sure that Dani will get very good results September 13th. To us he has triumphed already; we are proud of him for going against the odds, for his example of tenacity, fight and optimism in these moments of general apathy because of this social, political and economic crisis. Dani, a big hug.”


Our athlete at the XIII Triathlon Ciutat de Mataró, with his deserved prize.

Dani Nafría says “the support of Argelich Networks has allowed me to approach this project with renewed hope, and it definitely helps to replace the lack of institutional support that the paralympic sport suffers in Spain. Actions like this prove that the civil society will be the vehicle of change that our country needs.”

About Dani Nafría: Paratriathlete Category Tri-5. Champion of Catalonia 2013 of ParaDuathlon and Bronze medalist in the Championship of Spain 2013. Dani has a physical disability and wears a prosthetic leg. At present, in addition to competing, he works in a notary office.