Argelich partipates in Hotel Experience event

Agustín Argelich highlights the importance of                                         correctly-implemented and functional Internet in hotels

Last Tuesday, November 20th the third edition of Hotel Experience day took place in Hotel Porta Fira of Barcelona, organized by Infinity Inner with Argelich Network as their technology advisor. The event gathered personalities from the areas of hotel, architecture and design. Hotel Experience presented a unified communications platform for all of the companies, which addressed the topics of Information Technology, Equipment and Hotel Communication.

Agustín Argelich, director and Principal Consultant of Argelich Networks, contributed with his expert experience on the subject, stressing that Internet must be a basic service in hotels and further arguing that well-implemented and functional Internet is therefore critical. He also talked about the integration between the hotel web and its call center, showing some examples that can be seen in his presentation (below).

El hotel de la era digital from Arging


The day was composed of seven conferences and two round tables—one of which was moderated by Agustín Argelich—with speakers such as Diego Piedra, general manager of BALNEARIO VICHY CATALAN and asset manager of HOTEL MELIÁ GOLF VICHY CATALAN; Malco Par, director of GRUPO MAJESTIC; Ismael Descalzo, general manager of BARCELO RAVAL HOTEL; and Olaf Slott-Petersen, CEO of BO CONCEPT BARCELONA.

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During that morning some key aspects were discussed, such as the price of the Internet in hotels—free, or at a charge for the client? How much?—the quality necessary for the Internet connection, and the challenges presented by Wi-Fi functionality as a reflection of the hotel service, all taking into account other hotel-related aspects such as the design and arrangement of furniture in the rooms. All of this contributed to the analysis of the technology, equipment and communication of hotels.

However, the final conclusion that emerged after  much discussion of the material aspects was that the person and the personal attention of the hotel has no substitute, and is actually the key to success. So, let’s ensure that good technology, equipment and communication are available to the clients—to the people—whom we service.

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