Consolidation of telecommunications contracts, recruitment of new services and cost optimization.


Undisputed leader in Spain and worldwide in the development of management software for small businesses and professional offices.


The company had experienced recent and significant growth, primarily as a result of the acquisition of various companies using different systems and telecommunications suppliers with different conditions. We were faced with a triple challenge: unifying their telecommunications providers, optimizing costs and establishing a common communications network for the whole group.


Argelich ® foresaw the current cost analysis, prepared the request for proposal documents RFP, analyzed, compared and selected, and after renegotiating the bids received, gave its support in the negotiation of contracts and found the correct billing of all services during the first year term thereof, resolving billing errors that occurred.


Hiring of accommodations in two data centers in Barcelona and Madrid. Recruitment of a new high capacity WAN using Carrier Ethernet solutions. Contracting of a corporate communications solution on GSM public phone. 90X contracting services for the customer service center. Savings achieved 41%. Errors discovered in bills for amounts exceeding €600,000. 90X increase in service fee by 60%.

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