UC Expo London 2013 chronicles

The Unified Communications Expo 2013 took place these past few days, March 5th and 6th, in London, where exhibitors and speakers offered a widening of perspective of what “unified communications” means nowadays.

The north-American association of Telecom Consultants STC had an important role in the expo, not only as an exhibitor with its stand, but also by providing interesting speeches from some of its international consultants. Among them was Agustín Argelich, who participated by speaking about UC2 in his conference titled, “Moving forward: building a culture of continuous improvement”.


Conference summary:

UC2 (Unified Communications and Collaboration) is about innovation. Innovation represents change, and change always brings difficulty with it. The process must be correctly led for the desired objectives to be met. Therefore, leadership and innovation present two major, closely related challenges—challenges that our companies have met and beyond which they have risen.

Innovation never ends. As Tom Peters explains, excellent organizations don’t believe in excellence—only in constant improvement and constant change. So building a culture of continuous improvement becomes the key for success.

[testimonial style=”3″ title=” ” tag=”h1″ name=”Nasser ALmoammar, Senior Corporate Strategy Advisor ” url=”Saudi Telecom Company”]                       A wonderful and educational presentation[/testimonial]

During this session, the speaker will address leadership issues including managing both innovation and technological changes (not necessarily the same thing), corporate culture, and other aspects that drive any business improvement process.