Data Driven Cities in India.

In collaboration with the Intelligent Community Forum, on April 10th and 11th, Agustín Argelich, Argelich Networks’ principal consultant, lectured about Planning our Cities Through Humanizing Data – Data Driven Cities from a People-First Perspective in PuneMaharashtra  India the seminar Planning for Sustainable Cities in Maharashtra, organized by the NGO World Resources Institute in cooperation with the government of that State. The seminar took place in the Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA), a training center for senior state officials and aimed at those responsible for the design and urban development of the large cities of Maharashtra, whose capital is Mumbai and which counts with more than 110 million inhabitants.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The conference given by Agustín developed the concept of Data Driven Cities (DDC). The lecture’s content was developed jointly with John Jung co-founder of Intelligent Community Forum. John has posted a an article on his blog of Intelligent Community Forum Canada.

The proposals of Intelligent Community to use digital technologies to build more prosperous, sustainable and equitable societies were discussed, adapted to an extremely complex environment like the Indian where housing remains not a priority for too many citizens

The DDC concept is based on three pillars: collaboration, data and infrastructures, as can be seen in the following diagram.

Components of  Data Driven City concept

Photos and videos of the event 

In addition of participating in the government’s seminar, Agustín was invited to speak to  urban planning students of the Aayojan School of Architecture and Design, where he went deeper into leadership and project management best practices, not in vain he was addressing a young audience, full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to lead the digital transformation of India and to face to the great challenges of the country.

Accompanying Agustin, his daughter Maria Eugenia Argelich, Architect, explained to the students the urban development of Barcelona, Plan Cerda’s Paln, the Modernist Movement and main concepts of Gaudi’s Architecture.

After the sessions, Agustin and Maria visited the facilities of the university, in full growth, chatting with the faculty members, led by Ar. Anand Ukidve, and with the students.

The sessions were very well received and appreciated by students and professors.

It was really a insightful and an energetic session with you and Maria. Thank you for sharing all this knowledge, I am sure it has opened a new string of thoughts in students’ minds and discussions.

India is a very complex, growing country, and as mentioned by the CEO of  WRI India, Mr. O.P. Argawal, has in its favor the demographic dividend, a young population, every day more prepared and full of hope. India in not facing an inverted pyramid like China, Europe or Canada.

The trip was really enriching and confirms that when you participate in this type of event in developing countries you receive much more than what you gave.



Photos of the visit

Aayojan University post on Facebook

Slides of the lecture