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Digital Portable Ophthalmologic  Tonometer

Lucy Tech – Start-up

The challenge

In the World there are 140 Millions of Glaucoma patients. An over pressure or under pressure in the eye often produce blindness. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world, per the World Health Organization. The lack of regular control is a severe risk for these patients. Nowadays, the control is not enough frequent, because patients must go to the hospital to measure the pressure with big dimensions and very expensive open-eyed equipment operated by professionals and often requiring local anesthesia. This happens too few times in a year due to cost and limited resources (nº of ophthalmologist). With our solution, patients would be able to self-measure with accurate his/her eyes pressure with our digital portable tonometer connected to a mobile, from wherever he/she is, which sends the measure to a portal. The ophthalmologist receive automatically alarms when necessary like: dangerous measure, no measure when expected, etc,

 The Value proposition

The objective is to avoid more than half million new blinds per year in the World. Approximately there is a new blind every minute. In Spain (47M habitants) there are 3000 new blinds per year due to Glaucoma. The solution will collect an amazing amount of data (big data) that will drive the research in Glaucoma to a next level. With regular monitoring of thousands of patients, the researchers will be able to better understand this terrible illness and develop new practices, tools, medicines, etc. The quality of life of the patients will improve, minimizing their fear and the probability to became blind. This illness specially affects African and Afro-American citizens. Mentioned in The Salisbury Eye Evaluation Study, Arch Ophthalmol 2000, African Americans are 15 times more likely to be visually impaired from glaucoma than Caucasians. Our dream is to build a Foundation to fight against Glaucoma in Africa.


The whole society will benefit from this project, but specially:

  1. The patients. A 2002 Prevent Blindness America Survey found that: Blindness ranked third (after cancer and heart disease) as people’s major fear.
  2. Ophthalmologist, who need tools to frequently control and help their patients according with unexpected and irregular illness evolution.
  3. Private or public health insurance services. (social security, etc). As example, some figures about economic impact (source: a. Glaucoma accounts for over 10 million visits to physicians each year. US Center for Disease Control and Prevention/National Center for Health Statistics, 2010 & 1995 b. In terms of Social Security benefits, lost income tax revenues, and health care expenditures, the cost to the U.S. government is estimated to be over $1.5 billion annually. (NEI, Report of the Glaucoma Panel, Fall 1998)

Project Leader

The project leader is Mr. Augusto-José Alegret, 72, Industrial engineer by Catalonia Polytechnical University – Barcelona Tech, Master in Logistic, writer about philosophy and theology, inventor, who has developed a wide carrier as project manager and in C-level positions in different sectors, including high repercussion events, such as Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games, or others as complex as Nuclear Power plants. Mr. Alegret, 72, is a Glaucoma patient for 30 years, he has suffered 14 surgeries, 8 in the right eye and 6 in the left. He is using 5 different collyrium every day. He has never capitulated in front of his illness. He told that his right eye, which it has very few vision, only remains running (the eye) because it is a loyal colleague of the left one. Augusto believes that innovation is not only for young people. As JKF said, “one person can make a difference, and everyone should try”, Augusto is not only trying, he is getting a true improve for Glaucoma patients. It’s doesn’t matter how old you are, or how tired you are, what is really important is your willing to act. He is committed to improve the health and the quality of life of all glaucoma’s patients


The fourth version of the prototype of personal ophthalmologic tonometer is ready to begin for the Food&Drugs administration homologation process.   Lucy Tech is ready to launch a first funding round (3Q17).

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