Telecom Expenses Management

The cost of telecommunication services within enterprises has been steadily climbing, despite the fact that suppliers reduce their rates.

Analysts such as Gartner, Aberdeen and Forrester estimate that spending on telecommunication services increases by an integer between 10 and 15% annually.

The costs of mobile systems and data are growing and fixed costs are reducing. New demands are being made of voice capability, video, internet services, work-from-home functionality and telecom mobility. In all ways, it’s a market dynamic: changing, complex.

It is in the face of this situation that the aforementioned analysts turn to TEM services, Telecomunication Expense Management—an essential tool for the modern business.

Companies using TEM services have reduced their expenses by anywhere from 20 to 40%.

What is a TEM service?

Expenditure management in telecommunications takes many forms, and includes many departments; in essence, its purpose is to combine the technical knowledge of telecommunication services with a background in finance or accounting to maintain control over the inventory of the services contracted by the company and their costs. It includes any action designed to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the contracted telecommunication services.

Argelich brings 20 years of experience in TEM services and manages more than €6M a year, offering a personalized service for each company that, in sum, includes the following:

Permanent control of telecom costs from electronic invoicing provided by operators.
Emission Monitoring reports tailored to each company.
Negotiation and renegotiation of terms with operators.
Proposals for savings and lower costs without reducing service levels.
Processing of Claims for incorrect billing, very common in the telecom field.

It is highly profitable for the customer, since the fees are set based on the results and come with no risk or additional cost.