Management of Mobile Communications

As mobile communications in voice, data and video continue to experience rapid growth parallel to the increase of new applications and possibilities, the difficulties in their management grow rapidly as well.

Smart devices, like smartphones, are completely integrated into companies’ information systems, like a mass terminal, but with new risks to security owing to the inherent portability of the device.

Payments for mobile-communications services can range quite dramatically, as each operator demands certain criteria and subjects that criteria to frequent change.  Staying constantly informed in an organization requires special effort, so being able to implement a culture of self-control for users is essential.

ARGELICH, with ample experience in the management of mobile-communications fleets delivers a complete service to large and medium companies that includes every aspect of management: the economic, the logistic, and the technical.

The service works through the utilization of modern tools, carrying out SaaS (software as a service), and it is composed of three modules:

I.         WEM: Wireless Expenses Management. Cost control.

  1. Monthly reports of consumption per user and department.
  2. Error control and management.
  3. Complaint services.

II.         Management of Assets

  1. Control of stock.
  2. Management of increases and decreases in stock.
  3. Authorization control devices for acquisition and contracting services

III.         MDM: Mobile Device Management:

  1. Applications management.
  2. Distribution of applications.
  3. Backups.
  4. Antivirus.
  5. Shut-down of lost terminals.