IT Project Management

Applying a strict methodology in project management guarantees technical and economic success. We develop these services in 5 phases:

1. We answer a customer’s concern about the performance, cost or functionality of their systems. We answer the question How can we improve? by conducting studies on the feasibility of possible solutions, preliminary performance analysis and cost audits.

2. We develop and design the optimal solution, which is reflected in the drafting of an executive or technical specifications sheet.

3. Free of any conflict of interest with operators, manufacturers and installers, we recommend the best option for our customers.

4. We offer our expert advice on the hiring and recruitment processes for facilities.

5. We direct and coordinate the process of technological solutions by making the necessary acceptance tests.


  • Fiber optics and structured cabling solutions.
  • Corporate communications platforms. Unified communications and collaboration.
  • Data Networks (IP Networks) Data Networks (IP).
  • Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Wide Area Network (WAN).
  • Data Centers.
  • Internet.
  • Care centers and Multimedia Call and Contact Centers. CTI Computer Telephone Integration.
  • Video IP. Video security digital image processing.
  • Wireless Networks (WI-FI).