Harpalus Business Bridge Builders



Harpalus de Teneos, was the first engineer to successfully build a bridge between Asia and Europe over the Dardanelles strait, known as Hellespont in classical Greece, in 480 BC.

Harpalus Business Bridge Builders is a network of independent consultants specialized in building bridges and international business agreements between Europe and Asia, mainly the Middle East, China, Taiwan and India, and between Europe and North America (USA and Canada).

The Harpalus team is composed of senior consultants with extensive experience in business development, investment selection and negotiation of international agreements. We have offices in Barcelona, ​​Paris, Beirut, Dubai and Moscow.

Harpalus is well introduced in the Spanish, French and German business ecosystem on the one hand and in the Middle East, North America and China on the other.

We regularly participate in trade missions in Asia and North America.




The following senior consultants are part of Harpalus network, all of them with more than 30 years of experience:

Harpalus has a wide multicultural and multidisciplinary network of high-level collaborators and renowned reputation.

Despite the reactionary and protectionist movements that are observed in some countries, in Harpalus we firmly believe that collaboration, interdependence and international trade are essential for the creation of wealth and for the prosperity of the planet and therefore we help companies to identify opportunities, partners and investors and establish win-win agreements.

Harpalus establishes long-term relationships of trust with its customers. It provides its own methodology, carrying out a detailed analysis of each operation, defining the appropriate strategy and establishing realistic objectives.

Harpalus provides its services in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Catalan.

Projects in progress:

  • Introduction of Spanish agri-food products in China.
  • Introduction of Spanish SMEs with quality products in China.
  • Development of winter sports in China.
  • Hotel development in Sochi.
  • Hotel development in China.
  • Participation in Asia Financial Forum 2019
  • Introduction of Spanish agri-food companies in Canada.
  • Introduction of Spanish manufacturing companies in Canada.