Mercabarna Telecom Network is nominated to the @asLAN award: “Most valued Business Case for its Innovation and Exemplariness”

The association of network, Internet, and Telecom providers, @asLAN, has chosen the Mercabarna Telecom Network project as a candidate for the award “Most valued Business Case for its Innovation and Exemplariness.”

The telecom network of Barcelona Food Unit is an example of the successful public-private cooperation and of the promotion of the use of ICT technologies at SMEs. It also demonstrates the efficiency of a continuous improvement and investment policy, from 1992, as it has demonstrated a constant desire and ability to extend the number and quality of the services they offer.

It is clear from the success that Mercabarna has had as one of the most important suppliers of fresh products at a national and international level that it is is routinely investing in and updating its telecoms, which has made it a worldwide reference in the industry for its successful utilization of ICT technologies.

The market is networking: weaving a network of relationships and personal and business connections which grow evermore fluid and efficient thanks to the advanced electronic networking capabilities. The telecom network is the Central Nervous System of the market.

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