Mercabarna extends its telecom network to Mercacórdoba

Mercacórdoba plans to implement in its enclosure the same telecommunications model that Mercabarna has used since the beginning of this year. In doing so, the companies of the Cordovan food complex will join the closed users group of Mercabarna network (which operates on Orange) and enjoy the same benefits in fixed telephony, mobile and Internet. Thanks to this development, new firms will be added to the closed users group, which will make it easier to negotiate better conditions with telephony operators.

The general director of Mercabarna, Josep Tejedo, and the president of Mercacórdoba Board Directors, Ricardo Rojas, accompanied by the Manager of this Food Unit, Juan Capo, signed the collaboration agreement on October 22nd . This agreement has the support of Mercasa and the Telecom Commission of Mercabarna, integrated by ASSOCOME and the Guilds of Fruit and Vegetable Wholesalers (AGEM) and Fish Wholesalers (GMP).