Mercabarna wins the @asLAN award of ICT Business Cases INNOVATIVE AND EXEMPLAR at the Category of Public Companies

Mercabarna (Supplier Markets of Barcelona) has won the @asLAN award at the category of Public Companies with its Telecom Network project.

The Barcelona Food Market, which occupies an area of 90 hectares, gathers the wholesaler markets of Fruits and Vegetables, Fish, and Meat. It recently implemented a powerful private IP telecom network which facilitates advanced voice, data and video services to 800 companies and to the public company that manages it. It is an example of a successful public-private cooperation, promoting the use of ICT technologies at SMEs. It also demonstrates the efficiency of a continuous improvement and investment policy, and has done so since 1992. A unified communication and collaboration platform is currently being installed for 4000 users.

Next April 7th at 10.15am, at the Feria SITI/asLAN’2011 in Madrid, Montserrat Gil (general manager of Mercabarna), Lluís Alberich (industrial and services director), and Agustín Argelich (director of Argelich Network) will present the project. The award delivery will take place the same day at 1pm.

More info here.