Mercabarna replaced the analogue fixed telephony by IP technology

On March 1, Mercabarna’s fixed telephony analog will be disconnected. This means that on March 1st, the 550 companies that are part of the closed user group on Mercabarna’s telecom network (using Orange) are no longer able to use their phones and analog terminals. Instead, they may only use their new digital terminals, which the Federation has been installing in each company since May.

In this way, Mercabarna food drive will be the first in Spain to use only a fixed digital IP telephone. This measure is driven by the Telecommunications Users Commission, integrated by the direction of the Mercabarna Dealers Association (ASSOCOME) and the Wholesale Trades Fruit and Vegetables (AGEM) and Fish (GMP), and is a step in the modernization of the telecommunications network of the enclosure.

Reducing costs and benefits.

With new fixed telephony, calls can be made over IP. In other words, they use the same Internet connection channel. Each terminal becomes a small computer connected to the management system, allowing users to benefit from advantages such as the ability to access the network from anywhere in the world (courtesy of the free call-forwarding) and the minimization of breakdowns in the network.