Presentation of the Telecommunication Network project in Mercagranada

Last year, the @asLAN association awarded the Telecommunication Network project of MERCABARNA as an example of innovation and exemplariness in the use of the information technologies and telecommunications.

The network provides great advantages to companies established in the Food Unit against others located in other industrial estates as it supplies advanced telecom services (Internet, unified communications and collaboration, IP telephony, mobility, etc.) at tremendously competitive prices. It provides tools that promote profitability; it maximizes technological advancements while minimizing costs for companies.

Mercagranada organized a briefing on April 11th to demonstrate the telecommunication network project and their interest in developing a similar project in Granada. In order to meet that goal, they invited Agustín Argelich, Director of Argelich Network, to present the benefits that the advanced telecommunication networks give to the wholesale markets. Mr. Argelich has been working more than 20 years with different Mercas and he is a recognized international speaker about innovation and networking.

The session took place at the administrative building of Mercagranada, and at the end the assistants were able to talk informally with Mr. Argelich and the Mercagranada team.