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Telecommunications are the nervous system of a country; they are indispensable in guaranteeing its future and improving the life quality of its population. It is a proven and widely upheld notion that there is a correlation between the level of development of a country and the level of development of its telecommunications.

We are widely recognized for our vast experience as an independent and international ICT consultancy, an acknowledgment that allows us to collaborate with governments and major international institutions such as the World Bank and the Interamerican Development Bank. We pride ourselves on the fact that enterprises such as these seek our aid in the development of Plan Directors (digital agendas) and trust in our advisement of the regulation and legislation aspects of managing complex telecommunications systems.

We intend for our projects to have positive economic impacts on the countries and regions that facilitate the generation of wealth.



 From our deep understanding of the real needs of companies, we bring a clearly differential approach that facilitates:

  • The introduction of information and telecommunications technologies to small and medium companies working in the traditional economy.
  • Public-private collaboration.
  • The implementation of successful policies for continuous improvement.

An example at the world-wide level of the above-mentioned is the telecommunications network project at the Central Market of Supplies in Barcelona, which we began in 1992, and have continued to improve since.