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For more than 25 years, Argelich has developed its own cutting-edge and effective methodology for Telecom and IT project management and leadership. With it, Argelich can guarantee the technical, organizational and economic success of any IT project.

We develop these services in six phases that align with the life of the systems and solutions that we have designed and recommended. We accompany our customers throughout the process and remain always by their side, applying a culture of permanent collaboration on a long-term basis.


• Needs analysis: We respond to the concerns of a customer about the performance, cost or functionalities of his or her systems; we answer the question “How can we improve?” by evaluating what is missing, analyzing needs, drawing preliminary plans, studying performance and conducting cost audits.

• RFP: We develop and design the optimum solution, which is reflected in the provision of an executive write-up of technical specifications that allows the Request for Proposal (RFP) and serves as a base for the implantation phase and quality control.

• Request and evaluation of offers: Free of any conflict of interest with operators, manufacturers or installers, we compare the different options and recommend in each case, to the best of our ability, the most suitable option for our customers.

• Hiring: We advise our customers in the hiring process and purchase of facilities and services.

• Work management: We lead and coordinate the deployment process of technological solutions, carrying out the necessary tests of acceptance and quality control (quality assurance).

• On-going management: We are an independent service of telecommunications network management support and ICT infrastructures that looks at the whole picture: teams and operators services, technical and financial aspects. We supervise the availability and performance of a company’s networks, equipment and external services. We manage the agreements outlined in the SLA with its suppliers.

Campos en los que estamos especializados:

•Infraestructuras físicas: Fibra óptica y soluciones de cableado estructurado.

•Plataformas de comunicaciones corporativas. Soluciones de comunicaciones unificadas y colaboración.

•Centros de interacción con Clientes multimedia. Call Centers.

•Redes de datos (IP Networks)

◦Local Area Network (LAN).

◦Wide Area Network (WAN).

•Data Centers.

•Cloud computing



•Centros de atención multimedia Call and Contact Centers. CTI Computer Telephone Integration.

•Video IP. Video seguridad incorporando tratamiento digital de la imagen.

•Wireless Networks (WI-FI).

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