Ulanqab (Inner Mongolia) Digital China Construction Development Forum

On June 20 and 21, 2019, Agustin Argelich principal consultant of Argelich Networks and member of the Society of Communication Technology Consultants and of the think tank Intelligent Community Forum, participated as a speaker at the Big Data Innovation and Digital Congress China Construction Development Forum held in the city of Ulanqab (Wulanchabu in Chinese), in the autonomous community […]

Data Driven Cities in India.

In collaboration with the Intelligent Community Forum, on April 10th and 11th, Agustín Argelich, Argelich Networks’ principal consultant, lectured about Planning our Cities Through Humanizing Data – Data Driven Cities from a People-First Perspective in Pune, Maharashtra  India the seminar Planning for Sustainable Cities in Maharashtra, organized by the NGO World Resources Institute in cooperation with the government of that State. The […]

Agustín Argelich representative of Intelligent Community Forum

During his visit to Barcelona, Mr. John G. Jung, Chairman & Co-Founder of Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), for the Mobile World Congress and its participation in the VI Barcelona Telecoms Day, a collaboration agreement was signed, whereby Agustín Argelich will represent ICF in Spain, other European countries and Latin America. ICF is a global network of cities […]