Technical and economic management of telecommunication systems and services of a multinational company


World leader in sanitary ware with locations in 24 countries on five continents.


Ceramics and bathroom equipment.


Headquarters in Spain with locations in 24 countries.


Technical and financial management of telecommunications networks of a large Spanish multinational enterprise. Hiring mobile services on five continents.

Argelich’s Service

Since 1993, Argelich ® has lent its consulting services to several of this company’s branches in the design of private networks for voice communications in the areas of administration and cost management.


A. Important direct reductions in telecommunications costs: fixed voice, last agreement in Spain: 30% savings.

Switzerland: 2004 study: 27%. 2007 Renegotiation: 12% extra.

Portugal: 46%

Austria: 28%

Czech Republic: 36%.

B. Significant indirect cost reductions following the improvement of communication efficiency and telephone assistance to customers (for example, reducing the number of operators, telephone billing simplification, integration of fixed and mobile telephony, etc.).

C. High availability of telephone systems without allocating internal resources.

D. Coherent development and high quality of all voice communications systems in different countries in the near future will allow the interconnection between them, forming a single global network.

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