The 2nd International Telecom Consultants Day had a great reception


Last Friday, March 1st, the Centre Social i Cultural de l’Obra Social “la Caixa”, the 2nd International Telecom Consultants and Engineers Day took place at CaixaForum Barcelona. It was organized by the STC and Argelich Networks, and, under the framework of the Mobile World Congress, it discussed issues about the telecom service nowadays.


The conference was divided into two round tables under the titles of “Cutting-edge developments in international enterprise communications” and “Best practices in managing corporate telecommunications assets.” The first panel consisted of David de los Ríos, CIO of Pepe Jeans; Jorge Hurtado, territory manager – Iberia of Interactive Intelligence; Conchi Tavera, Senior Telecom Engineer & Director of Marketing and Product Presale Engineering at Aastra; and Craig Robinson, principal consultant of BBW Consultants in London.  In this first session, participants discussed the Cloud and its growth in these past few years to the detriment of the Premise, despite the general aversion to risk and change that one finds in Spain and Europe. They also talked about legislation in Europe and its regulations in telecommunications, highlighting the point that such legislation always arrives after the advances or changes have been made in the field.


“Expense management is not fun”


The second panel was composed of Jordi Damià, CIO and Business Processes Director of Panrico; Christian Cor, owner of Saaswedo in Paris; Melissa Swartz, STC president and president of Swartz Consulting in Kansas City, EEUU (who also opened and closed the conference); and Frédéric Fober, Telecom Senior Consultant in Consotel, Belgium. During this session, participants discussed the importance of correct billing in telecom services and its complexity. Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is truly necessary but “not fun,” as STC president Melissa Swartz stated. The assistants and panelists also discussed the role of the operators in this issue, emphasizing that there is more creativity in the selling process than in the billing process. Jordi Damià, from Panrico, offered his insight, stating that “the operators are like the gym, they earn money when people sign up and don’t go,” referring to “the established contracts that no one claims.” However accurate this humorous image may be, the vital and evident importance that operators have in telecommunications was certainly not disregarded.

“The operators are like the gym”


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