TopTen Business Experts

TopTen Business Experts is a business thinking platform: a Community that joins a group of experts in the different business areas. The community is formed by prestigious professors of the most well-known business schools, consultants, writers and analysts.

The conjunction of knowledge, experience, and skills of each of these people that form TopTen Business Experts, makes this team the best answer, not only for the enterprise, but for society.

Agustín Argelich, director of Argelich Networks, joined the TopTen community in November 2009 as a highlighted member in management (, providing his experience in ICT technology applications for the enterprise. The standard is changing as we embrace the knowledge economy of our information society, and it places new demands on advisors to be able to explain and apply the potential of the new tools and technological solutions. Professionals need to be able to detect, design and lead the innovation processes.

Joining this community will allow Argelich Networks to team-up with the best experts in management, human resources and coaching in Spain and offer to its clients the highly qualified advising that they need to face the reengineering business process. Multidisciplinary teams to face complex processes. Work-from-home, networking, improving companies’ internal communications, multimedia communication with clients and employees—these are the challenges that we face in the near future.

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