UETS: Universal Ethernet Telecommunications Services Building intrinsic secure networks.



UETS: Universal Ethernet Telecommunications Services

Building intrinsic secure networks.  Avoiding cyberattacks


Cybersecurity is one of the most important challenges humankind is facing.

L&M Data Communications is owner of US patent 7710936 B2 and Spain patent 2.246.702 defining Universal Ethernet Telecommunications Services (UETS). This new telecom protocol allows to build intrinsically secured telecom networks, because it eliminates the lack of security of any transmission based on TCP/IP protocol.

The deployment of an UETS based network doesn’t mean to change any application. All current applications can run over UETS based networks.

The protocol will run over standard SDN (Software Defined Networks) hardware.

UETS is the perfect solution for critical IoT (Internet of the Thinks) applications.

Video presentation of the project: https://youtu.be/PvCkNq1FF1k

UETS, business model is based in selling software licenses:

  1. A driver licenses for each Ethernet port using the protocol.
  2. A driver license for each end point device (PC, laptop, etc) connected to a UETS network.

UETS will enjoy, like all software companies, a big EBITDA.

UETS is lead by a group of experienced, talent and senior engineers:

Jose Morales Ph, Electromechanical engineer by ICAI and Industrial Engineer doctor by Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Director of L&MData Communications. Worldwide recognized expert in telecom protocols.

Juan Luis Lazaro, Industrial Engineer by ICAI, MBA by IE Business School, Master in International Strategy by London Business School. Director of L&MData Communications

Sean McCarthy, Telecom engineer and L&M Data Communications consultant.

Ricardo Diez, Industrial Engineer by Universidad Pontificia Comillas. Consultant at L&MData Communications.

Argelich Networks has developed the business model and lead the fundraising process and negotiate the partnership agreements.

If you are interested to invest in UETS or to partner with UETS please contacta us at argelich@argelich.com or call (+34) 610 59 50 50