Ulanqab (Inner Mongolia) Digital China Construction Development Forum

International delegates: Mark Mueller-Eberstein, Humayan Rashid, Agustin Argelich and Wanda Lupoch

On June 20 and 21, 2019, Agustin Argelich principal consultant of Argelich Networks and member of the Society of Communication Technology Consultants and of the think tank Intelligent Community Forum, participated as a speaker at the Big Data Innovation and Digital Congress China Construction Development Forum held in the city of Ulanqab (Wulanchabu in Chinese), in the autonomous community of Inner Mongolia and organized by the city council of said Chinese city.

Ulanqab is located about 300 km northwest of Beijing and is inhabited by 2.1 million people. It is a prefecture city. Ulanqab has a large growth of 9.5%, higher than in other regions of China.


Ulanqab development Plan

Its economy is based on:

  • A powerful agricultural sector, in an area without pollution and surrounded by immense grasslands, highlights the production of potatoes and the high quality of sheep farming.
  • An important logistic center of the silk route through Mongolia and Russia. In a few months, the high-speed train will be in operation, which will connect to Beijing in one hour. In 2016 was inaugurated the airport.
  • Tourism, as part of the project of the Beijing Olympic winter games 2022, Ulanqab is promoting the tourism of the snow, with ski resorts at only 30 km from the center.
  • Digital technologies, thanks to an annual average temperature of 4.3 degrees Celsius, which allows applying natural cooling techniques, and the low cost of electricity due to its renewable origin, eolic and solar, the city is positioning as the Data Center of North China. Companies like Huawei, Alibaba, and even Apple, are building their data centers there.


Ulanqab Alibaba Data Centers construction

The paper by Agustín, “From Smart Cities to Intelligent Community”, developed the 5 + 1 key indicators to build an intelligent community.

An intelligent community is much more than a smart city. The concept of “Smart City” includes all those actions aimed at making the city work better from a technical point of view. The intelligent community seeks to build a good place to live in which everyone can prosper both economically and, above all, as a person.

The first 5 key concepts are:

  • Deployment of the intelligent infrastructures necessary for the broadband economy.
  • Development of the knowledge economy, with the prevalence of education. Capacity to generate, maintain and attract talent.
  • Culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Sustainability and resilience. Care for the environmental and cultural legacy received to pass to the new generations.
  • Digital Equity, guarantee the access of all the population to digital technologies and train them for their use and enjoyment.


Networks are the nervous system of any community

To develop these five concepts is necessary a the sixth, the most important, adequate governance and leadership. In this sense, Agustin considers than the leadership in the digital era must be based on 5 more characteristics:

  • Open-minded. Like Christopher Columbus, seek to optimize established procedures being open-minded and thinking globally. Columbus was looking for a shorter way to get to India.
  • Imagination. All creation begins in the mind. The imagination is powerful. Like Gaudí’s with the Holy Family.
  • Willingness to innovate. Like President Kennedy, “we chose to go to the moon not because it is easy, but because it is difficult”. It is a natural tendency to resist change. Human beings like what they know and feel comforted by it. The change implies a plunge into the unknown, which brings discomfort, anxiety, and even real fear. The leader helps overcome it and justifies the need to assume that risk.
  • Alignment. A society in which citizens, businesses, institutions are aligned, have a common goal, thrive. A society, an organization of alienated people, decays. The leader gets an aligned society.
  • Attitude. Dr. Viktor Frankl explains that we can choose the attitude with which we face the challenges of life. Leading is to help others choose the right attitude.

Agustín, as he comments in his book Analyze, Act, Advance, considers that we are in the best time in the history of humanity because:

  • The best technology.
  • The best communication between human
  • Great knowledge of each other

Agustin talking with Ulanqab’s Mayor Fei Dongbin and vice Mayor Jing Guo

Argelich Networks signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Ulanqab City People’s Government to develop future collaborations.

Photos and videos of the event 

Slides of the lecture

Video From Smart City to Intelligent Community included in the presentation:

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