Use of ICT technologies in the Food Unit of Barcelona


The Food Unit of Barcelona, which occupies an area of 90 hectares in the Free Zone, has congregated the wholesale markets of Fruits and Vegetables, Fish, Flowers and Meat.

There are 800 food businesses currently located in the industrial park. Mercabarna directly provides its services to more than 10 million people, but mostly it has become one of the most important fresh produce distributors internationally. The market has become global, and some consider it a variant of Wall Street. It buys and sells all around the world.


No doubt the success of Mercabarna is owing to its continued investment in telecommunications, which have become a top industry technology.

The market is networking, building a complex interconnectedness of personal relationships and business contacts that, through its advanced electronic communications infrastructures, grows more fluid and efficient every day.

The network is supported by a fiber optic infrastructure that connects all campus buildings complemented with structured wiring runs of Category VII. The network transmits voice, data and video at high speeds with preferential use of IP protocols.

In addition to the physical network, the site enjoys a wireless Ethernet network to 54 Mbps Wi-Fi.

The two networks, the Wired and Wireless, are equipped with sophisticated and reliable security systems, both from a physical standpoint (redundant physical elements) and a logical one (encryption, user authentication, “tunneling”, VLAN, VPN , etc.).

Significant figures

Internet Connection to 1 Gbit.

100 Wi-Fi antennas.

450 data connections for business at 100 and 1,000 Mbits.


2,200 fixed telephone extensions.

Fleet of 1,100 integrated mobile telephony network.

150 IP video cameras.


Agustín Argelich has advised MERCABARNA since 1992, when he conducted his first studies of the feasibility of the network. Argelich Networks has taken on the entire design and management responsibilities of the various phases of the project and has also provided the consulting services needed to establish a model of network management and agreements with different operators.



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