VI Barcelona Telecom Consultants Day – How communications technology is shaping the future of humanity?

Argelich Networks, together with the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International ( and theCatalan Telecom engineers association, is pleased to invite you to the VI edition of Barcelona Telecom Consultants Day. The event is a great opportunity to know the last trends and challenges of the telecom industry and technology and its impact in the live all societies from a true independent (noncommercial) point of view.

shutterstock_62213497-790x340Know how telecom networks are building the future. How digital transformation is creating new opportunities.

Despite the reactionary and protective movements observed around the World, collaboration, networks and interdependence are essential for wealth creation along the planet

This event will take place in Barcelona, next February 28th, during the Mobile World Congress 2017, at the headquarters of COACB (Col·legi Oficial d’Agents Comercials de Barcelona), Carrer de Casp, 130, 08013 Barcelona.

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The program of the event is as follows:

  • 5:00 pm Welcome message from SCTC vicepresident and president.
  • 5.15 Creative Dialogue, moderated by Agustín Argelich, Principal Consultant of Argelich Networks. With the participation of:
      • Tom Brannen          SCTC Vice president & Wassaw Consulting president (Atlanta USA)
      • Martha Buyer          Lawyer and Telecom Engineer (New York – USA)
      • Dave Mailer             Director and Principal Consultant, 4C Strategies Ltd, (Leicester – UK)
      • Larry Treas             CEO The Michael Group (Oklahoma – USA)
We will discuss about topics like:

Hackers and US president election.Using public or private communications servers. Everybody trust in “cloud” services but Hillary had significant problems using it.

Are Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatswapp and similar services replacing traditional corporate communications platforms?

Every year more “traditional” telecom companies are disappearing or merging when everybody is spending more time using electronic communications. It’s crazy.

How can we manage the mess of communications channels?

  • 6:15 Debate Questions from the floor.
  • 6:45 Closing message.
  • 7:00 to 8:00 pm Networking cocktail.