Vidaapp Cardio-respiratory chronic patient monitoring system

logo vida appCardio-respiratory chronic patient monitoring system

The challenge

To help cardiovascular and respiratory chronic patients to minimize risk and improve their quality of life thanks to a permanent remote control.

Support people doing intense exercise such as marathon runners as well as people who just want to prevent and monitor their heart and respiratory functions.

The cardiopulmonary vest developed by VIDAAPP has superior technology providing real time pattern recognition (pre-alarm) and superior pre-diagnosis (16-channel ECG), IT in the product itself (cellular enabled) together with high accuracy of medical equipment.

Download the Datasheet: (Cardiopulmonary Vest Datasheet)

17.5 million people die each year from Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs), an estimated 31% of all deaths worldwide (45% in Europe and 37% in the EU). In 2015, more than 85 million people in Europe were living with CVDs (49 M in EU), with 11.3 million new cases (6.1 M in EU). CVDs is responsible for the loss of more than 64 million daily in Europe, it’s cost the EU economy €210 billion a year.

Business Model

The company will have two revenue sources:

  1. Device sales and app sales for self-control patients.
  2. “As a service” the company will charge a monthly quote per patient monitored.

The “as a service” model guarantees a big EBITDA.

The size of the market is amazing.

Company Clients

VIDAAPP is considering 4 commercial channels (4 type of clients):

  1. Patients themselves. (self-control solutions)
  2. Physicians (Cardiologist, pneumologist) offering the service to their private patients.
  3. Insurance and private e-health companies.
  4. Public health insurance services (social security, etc).

Project Team

The company is managed by a small group of experienced, talent and senior engineers and business managers with support of reputed mentors and consultants.

  • Francisco Mikuski, Bachelor of Science in Engineering by Michigan University senior and talent electronic engineer, owner of 4 patents in medical devices.
  • Adrián Rica, Bachelor of Economics and Business, master in IT management by Escuela de Organización Industrial, expert in m-health, entrepreneur, ex Vodafone.
  • Joachim Janssen, Electronic Engineer by Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN)
  • Ceferino Maestu, Ph.D. in Medicine. Director of Madrid Polytechnic University Laboratory for Biomedical Technology


The fourth version of the prototype of the cardiopulmonary vest is ready to begin with the European Food&Drugs Administration homologation process.

VIDAAPP is launching a first funding round (3Q17).

Argelich Services

Argelich Networks is mentoring VIDAAPP start-up. Defining the business model. Looking for investors and strategic partners.

Investment opportunity

If you are interested to invest in VIDAAPP don’t hesitate to contact us at or calling (+34) 610 59 50 50