Speech in @asLAN forum: WTEM and MDM

Agustin Argelich, principal consultant of Argelich Networks S.L., spoke last Thursday, October 4th at @asLAN BYOD: Trends, challenges and opportunities, with the nature of his speech being WTEM and MDM: Economic and technical management of mobile communication fleets in a company.

BYOD is not a technology itself, it’s a phenomenon associated to “consumerization.” It’s the use of the mobile device in the enterprise: an unstoppable trend for the CEO which implies the adaptation of the corporate IT applications and infrastructures to fit this new scenario (for example, business applications such as videoconference, unified communications or storage, etc, as well as secure access to the corporate network and the quality and availability of WLAN access or virtualization).

BYOD, together with Cloud, create the perfect partnership which will enable organizations to allow employees to work whenever and wherever they want. This will also compel the enterprises to define a mobility strategy and face new challenges such as the management of multiple devices per user or reconcile the corporate use with the personal use of the device.

During the @asLAN Forum, assistants could attend a wide program of conferences, demonstrations, case studies and colloquiums, offering a comprehensive survey of key trends and available applications. Additionally, the conclusions of the @asLAN Study “BYOD: Trends, challenges and opportunities” were presented to those in attendance.